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Monica Binger

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Raleigh, NC


Monica's coaching expertise is to uncover and investigate hidden self-limiting beliefs that block success, uncover the confident leader within, and cultivate new thinking habits that support goals. Thereby, revealing new ways to navigate personal and work life and unlock each client's fullest potential. Her areas of focus are overcoming doubt, insecurity, and fear in the workplace, overcoming chronic illness, and improving relationships. She is passionate about showing individuals the best ways to gain clarity through awareness and clear communication, and live a meaningful and fulfilling life. She is a Thought Coach Facilitator for the Institute For Transformational Thinking, and is a Corporate Communication Facilitator. As a Corporate Communications Facilitator, Monica's mission is to be a catalyst for improved communication within organizations. She ushers in diplomacy and harmony to create a unified whole where all employees know they are essential to the company's success.

To learn more about Monica, visit www.monicabinger.com


Monica offered me an unexpected coaching experience. I was paralyzed by a life decision. She gently and expertly took me through a series of questions that allowed me to dig down deeper and see where this decision fell in the greater pattern of my life. Her coaching was a deeply-moving, powerful experience. My next steps were crystal clear to me. She changed my life.

- Adriana, Chapel Hill, NC

I came to Monica for coaching about a situation where I felt completely stuck. In just one session of coaching around this very complex, years long struggle, Monica completely moved me forward with a sense of clarity, strength, and peace. Uncovering the truth was like cracking open a dusty old vault that no one had the combination to. All of a sudden the light was let in and everything became more clear. Her extensive knowledge and innate sense for how to apply the things she's learned to help her clients empower themselves to move forward is truly a gift.

-Anna, Cary, NC

Monica is a powerful coach with a comforting presence. Her empathy, authenticity, and lack of judgement allowed me to make shifts and to find my voice, as well as find the strength to take action. If you're looking for a coach to help you make positive movement in your life, she's the coach for you.

- Stacie, Chapel Hill, NC
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Thought Coach Certification Training Program For Overcoming Insecurity, Doubt, & Fear in the Workplace

Reveal the leader within, be empowered, and love work again.
I will work with you to pinpoint, and identify the type of negative or counter-productive thoughts that get in the way of supporting your wellbeing and confidence in the workplace. Together, we will build your confidence by focusing on positive, constructive thoughts that increase your personal strengths, and replace doubt and fear with faith and belief in yourself so that you can realize your ultimate goals in the workplace. As a transformational thinker you will navigate conversations with coworkers and clients in a more powerful and effective way. Each week we will discover how to apply what you learned in the module to overcome insecurity, doubt, and fear in the workplace.



Monica Binger

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