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July 1, 2018

The Importance of Thought Management


Johnnie Calloway

Certified Thought Coach

Most of us go through our day allowing our minds to go where they will, not realizing; "All thinking creates on some level" (A Course In Miracles). There are several quotes from ACIM that support the importance of thought management. 

It is vital for personal growth to monitor our thoughts. If we can wrap our minds around how the process works: A thought produces a feeling, which becomes a belief,  then becomes our behavior, which makes up our life. Break the process down and it becomes; changing your life begins with changing our thoughts. 

At this point, most respond with, "It can't be that simple!" Well, it is that simple, but simple does not translate to being easy. 

Thoughts are incredibly habitual and amazingly addictive. Especially the self-destructive ones. We think we are powerless over them. We go as far as to say, "I am not responsible for my first thought, just how I react to it." A Course In Miracles states; "This is a course in mind training." I say, life is a course in mind training. Yes, we can literally train our minds to think as we choose. Again, it is simple but not easy.

If we find ourselves feeling sad and we investigate our thoughts, we will always find; a thought preceding the feeling of sadness. Once the thought has been identified, we are on our way. Please, remember it is perfectly okay to choose to be sad. It is also incredibly empowering to own it as a choice rather than thinking we are a victim to the sadness.

Think about it! If we really wrap our minds around the empowering reality of our thoughts creating our lives, and we train ourselves in thought transformation, how alive we would be. 

It takes honesty, an open-mind, and the willingness to change a life.



Johnnie Calloway

Johnnie Calloway is certified as a Thought Coach by The Institute For Transformational Thinking. He is a long time student of The Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions, A Course In Miracles, and is the author of Taming The Dragon, and Dragons To Butterflies. He is the host of Morph Into a New You podcast, and co-host of the Says Who? For Addiction Podcast.