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October 1, 2018



Ora Nadrich

Founder and President of The IFTT

When I saw Deva Premal and Miten in concert for the first time back in 2013, I was so moved that I wrote an article about it for Huffington Post called "Meditating With Deva Premal and Miten". As Eckhart Tolle said so well; “Their music is pure magic.”

For all of us Deva fans, I’m thrilled to share the news that Deva Premal has taken the “om” to new heights, not only bringing Eastern chants to Western audiences, but touching the lives of people with illness worldwide - who have written to her that simply by singing along with her signature mantras, they have experienced profound healings. Even non-verbal autistic kids have suddenly burst into song! True, it sounds a bit “out there,” but given the flurry of recent scientific studies proving the healing powers of music, it just puts Deva Premal at the cutting-edge of both music and medicine. She has a new album coming out this Friday – details here:

After two decades of topping the New Age charts with her albums – which have been a staple at yoga, meditation, and massage studios worldwide – Deva Premal is at it again with the release of DEVA – a transcendent collection of signature mantras for yoga, meditation, and sacred dance. In conjunction with her new album, Deva Premal has launched a Facebook Live event series, “The Medicine of Mantra,” in partnership with top doctors across the globe. Featured in top media outlets ranging from Yoga Journal to The Los Angeles Times, endorsed by top medical professionals like Christiane Northrup MD, yoga instructors like Shiva Rea,and A-list celebrities like Cher, and honored by 550,000 monthly Spotify listeners, 400,000 Facebook followers, and over 1.5 million album sales, Deva Premal is a modern nomad on a mission to share the healing powers of mantra.

Deva transmits pure ”Shakti” energy when she sings. This “primordial cosmic energy” has the power to move us deeply in remembering our “Buddha nature” as well as heal our hearts from the suffering of being disconnected from our most authentic self. Treat yourself to listening to Deva Premal’s new album.  I have no doubt it will sing to your heart and soul, and lift your spirit to heights you’ve yet to experience, but most certainly will.


Ora Nadrich

Ora Nadrich is founder and president of the Institute for Transformational Thinking and author of "Says Who? How One Simple Question Can Change the Way You Think Forever". A certified life coach and mindfulness teacher, she specializes in transformational thinking, self-discovery, and mentoring new coaches as they develop their careers.